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Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is legally defined as a divorce in which the two parties do not necessarily agree on some or all of the factors involved.

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Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes, divorce is simply a matter of two people no longer wanting to be together, in this case an uncontested divorce is recommended.

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Child Custody

We closely work with our clients to understand all the dynamics at play, to prepare a case for a verdict that’s beneficial for the children.

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Divorce Services

This law firm has successfully handled exceedingly diverse and complex separation battles, leveraging every provision under law to guide the case towards the the client's desired result.

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Child Custody Services

Child custody battles can be both financially and mentally exhausting, but the children must never have to feel the heat. The child custody lawyer will closely work with you to understand all the dynamics at play and to prepare the case for a result that is mutually beneficial for all.

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Equipped with 10+ years of experience, the attorney possess an in-depth understanding of Texas family law, which enables him to create a customized plan of action for all cases, and ensure a seamless journey for every client, and of course, the child.
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