Contested Divorces

In many cases, the decision to divorce is a mutual one, agreed upon by both parties, and the division of assets and other proceedings are amicable.
But unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple. A contested divorce is legally defined as a divorce in which the two parties do not necessarily agree on some or all of the factors involved. This can mean one party desires a divorce, but the other does not. It can also mean that the two people disagree strongly about issues like the division of assets, or the assignment of child custody. These divorce proceedings are more difficult and complex, and you need an experienced lawyer to help you along the way.

contested divorces

Is My Divorce “Contested”?

The divorce lawyer has helped countless people with challenging contested divorces involving complex and drawn-out litigation. We understand how difficult and emotionally challenging this time in your life can be, and our job is to help you navigate these stormy legal waters and arrive at fair terms with your former partner.

We act as a valued ally to help you make sure your own best interests are protected during a difficult divorce.

Understanding Contested Divorces

A divorce can be either “contested” or “uncontested.” You might wonder where your own upcoming divorce proceedings fit in. Your divorce could be classified as “contested” if you and your partner strongly disagree on important aspects of the divorce process. If this is the case, you’re looking at a more complicated legal proceeding.

What you can expect from a contested divorce.

Start your new beginning

The divorce lawyer can help you arrive at a fair court decision regarding the division of community assets after a divorce, advocating for your best interests in even the most difficult situations.

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