Joint Custody
December 15, 2021

4 Important Facts on Child Custody in Texas

Children experience immense emotional trauma when their parents separate and fight. When couples split and live apart, they often cannot agree on issues such as where the child should live and how much each parent should provide in terms of financial support. The result can be a protracted fight over “custody” in the court. Given the negative psychological effects the affair has on children, it is important to ensure the case is settled in the quickest possible time without compromising on your case or exposing your child to all the ugliness. The best way to achieve this is hiring a affordable child custody lawyer to fight your case. Family attorneys reduce the stress a complex separation battle can visit on your child, effectively immunizing them from the heat. You can easily find experienced and affordable custody attorneys at 123 Divorce Company in Dallas. Before you proceed to take your fight to the courts, there are a few important facts on child custody in Texas that your ought to know. We’ve listed five such facts on child custody in this blog post. Read on

1. Child’s Welfare is Paramount

According to Texas Custody laws, both parents are encouraged to take positive steps to ensure the child’s welfare. Even when a single parent is awarded sole custody, they are both expected to act in the same manner. Though the parent who is awarded the custody has several other rights in relation to the child, in some cases, however, specific decisions such as on education, and mental and physical health require joint decisions.

2. Witnesses are Examined

Custody battles can sometimes turn out to be intense. All the evidences and witnesses are thoroughly examined by the court to determine what is in the best interest of the child. The court may also choose to appoint personnel to make sure that the case is mediated and children have their own lawyers to take care of their interests.

3. Parental Rights are Preserved

Unless limited by a court order, Texas Family Court gives a parent some of the rights to receive information concerning the education, health, and welfare of children. A parent can also choose to consult with the school officials for the child’s educational and complete welfare.

4. Domestic Violence History is Checked

Past records of any party contesting for child custody is always checked. If there are any criminal records or domestic violence cases, the court ensures that the child is not placed in such an unsafe environment.

Wrapping Up

Parents’ interactions with each other and their children during and after divorce can profoundly impact the children's development and psychological approach towards life and relationships. The end of a marriage is an incredibly difficult time, but it remains important to make decisions that are in the best interest of the children. If you need professional help finalizing your child custody, contact the law firm for assistance. Book a 30 minute consultation for only $100 with our professional divorce lawyers by filling out our contact form. You can also call us at 214.599.9979.