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December 15, 2021

9 Commandments for Seamless Co-Parenting

Co-parenting goes a long way in pacifying and eradicating the negative impact of divorce on the affected children’s psyche. That is why many divorced parents across the US are opting for joint custody of their children. Co-parenting has its fair share of awkward moments, as you will have to be in touch with your ex, however, it is essential for your child to receive the emotional, mental, and physical support from both parents for a normal upbringing. Lawyers for child support can help you work out the modalities of your joint custody arrangement in Texas, but it is still important for you to understand the intricacies of such an arrangement to make it achieve its objective. We present 9 commandments to help you co-parent your children. Read on.

Open Dialogue with Your Ex

Co-parenting requires equal efforts from both sides. Both parents need to ensure that at least one of them is around the child every time. Communicating with your Ex via email, text, letters, voicemails, or face to face, and share your schedules to arrive at a feasible friction-free arrangement.

Implement Common Household Rules

Being organized from a young age develops a sense of security and responsibility in children. This is why they need a consistent routine and structure for meal time, study time, bedtime, and performing other chores. Plan common household rules for your child, and make every effort to stick to them, irrespective of child’s whereabouts.

Get Support from Extended Family

Your extended family comes to your rescue not only during the emotionally draining divorce, but also after it has been finalized by helping you raise your child. Discuss the role of extended family members with your Ex to ensure that they do not have any apprehension about the child being in contact of any of the people.

Know How to Approach Co-parenting Challenges

Children have the habit of frequently testing the boundaries set by their parents. Even if your Ex has given into the child’s demands, ensure you abide by the rules you both set. Having said that, don’t be too strict with the child, but maintain a flexible parenting style to accommodate their needs.

Stay in Touch

No matter how uncomfortable you may feel interacting with your ex, bringing up your children demands that you stay in touch. Keep your ex informed about changes in your life or challenges you are going through that have a bearing on the child. Refrain from ever using your child as a source of information.

Keep Children Away from Personal Conflicts

Separations have their fair share of bitterness and fights, some of which extend way beyond the divorce settlement. Small misunderstandings within the co-parenting arrangement are susceptible to being blown out of proportion, sometimes roping in innocent children to do their warring parents’ bidding. It is bad parenting to use your kids as ponies in any fights you may have with your ex, by turning them against the other parent. Child develop feelings of helplessness and insecurity when exposed to such reckless behavior.

Discuss Any Co-parenting Concerns

When you are not on the same page, it is important to discuss matters and avoid letting emotions control your actions. Attacking your ex’s parenting style and apportioning blame will only work against the child. Communicate on every aspect of your co-parenting to ensure a healthy child development.

Get the Divorce Monkey off Your Back

Agreed, divorce is painful, and staying in touch as a result of co-parenting can main the pain worse. You can, however, get over it. Obsessing about the separation often leads to feelings of guilt, sadness, or even vengeance, which is guaranteed to distract you from the responsibilities that you have towards your child and building a new life for yourself.

Be a Genuine Parent

Don’t fake or exaggerate good parenting when you are with your children. Being a ‘fun dad’ and ‘cool mom’ who doesn’t mind the kids breaking a few rules may backfire when they return to your Ex. Some people fail at parenting as they try to win over the kids love by overindulging them and throwing away the rule book. Co-parenting succeeds only when you are both on the same page in terms of parental responsibilities.

Wrapping Up

Successful co-parenting is built on patience, empathy, and open communication. You need to put your differences in the past and focus on working together towards a bright future of your children. If you wish to get professional help in crafting a co-parenting arrangement for your child, consult 123 Divorce Company’s lawyers for child support. We have a team of experienced lawyers for child custody who possess in-depth knowledge of child support laws in Dallas, Texas and can help you with guidance, mediation, and legal representation. To speak to our legal team for 30 minute consultation for only $100 or to hire affordable child custody lawyers, call us at 214.599.9979.