Divorce Preparation
December 15, 2021

How to Become Divorce-Ready in 2019

Although approximately half of all marriages end in a divorce, the truth is, for many people this is still considered a "bad" word. Adults don't often like to talk about the possibility of divorce; however, if you and your partner are considering a separation, it's important that you take as much time as possible to prepare yourself emotionally, financially, and even socially. Whether you've been married for five years or five months, there are a few things you need to know about preparing for divorce.

Make a Plan

It's difficult to underestimate just how vital creating a plan for your divorce actually is. Do you know how you'll pay for your divorce attorney and paperwork? What about court fees? Do you know where you'll live after the separation? If you have children, do you want custody? Will your spouse try to fight for custody? Considering your options when it comes to divorce is the first step in preparing. If you know that you'll need financial assistance during the divorce, this gives you time to consider employment or applying for state assistance during this time.

Consider Your Assets

If you and your partner have a large number of shared assets, these may need to be separated during the divorce. Some assets, such as houses, cars, and boats can be tricky to separate. Typically, one partner will "buy out" the other. Sometimes, the item may be sold and the income from that item may be shared. Do you know how you want to separate your assets? Your partner may have very solid opinions, so make sure you have an idea of what your preferences are prior to the divorce.

Meet with an Attorney

One of the best and most important steps you can take in preparing to separate from your partner is to meet with an attorney. All situations and circumstances can be different when it comes to divorces and that’s why we offer a 30 minute consultation for only $100 at 123 Divorce Company. As an experienced local divorce attorney, we can help guide you through the legal steps to separate from your spouse.

Talk to a Counselor

If you have doubts about your separation, go meet with a counselor in your area. Marriage counselors can help you sort through your feelings and emotions. Divorce may very well be the right choice for you; however, if you'd like some feedback on your situation or you want to talk with a neutral third party who can offer you some emotional support and assistance, a counselor can be a valuable asset during this time.

No matter what the cause of your divorce might be, it's important that you take charge of the situation. Meeting with professionals who can help you move forward, planning for your future, and assessing your situation with open eyes will help you throughout the divorce process.